groow simplifies your life!

Swiss Made – developed in Aarau groow is your buddy from Switzerland. No matter whether you are in Tokyo or Sydney – he is always happy here for you. groow works around the clock like a Swiss precision watch.

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A product or service does not really matter to us until we can fully rely on the product to be easy to understand and like its appearance. groow combines all these qualities and meets our highest requirements. Look at yourself and test groow!

Start within seconds

You only need a single installation – and you’re ready to log in and get started. Pre-investments and complex programming are not necessary for this software. You can determine when you’d like to start groow.

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Made for humans

With groow you can save time and on top of that, it’s fun to use! groow is your friend and helps you to concentrate on the essential things – it’s easy, there’s no need for training. Start groow and off you go.

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Intuitive operation

Want to find everything straight away? groow has been designed and developed according to the latest knowledge on user friendliness. Its user interface can be operated easily using your fingers – on your multi touch device or on your Windows tablet.

It’s fun

To work with groow is fun for you and your team. At last there is a software for the administrative things so simple and intuitive to use that its application will give you a great sense of achievement. groow relieves you in everything you have to do and even looks nice at the same time. It’s time for you to start having fun, too!

No training necessary

groow is so logically and intuitively operatable that you and your fellow members of staff will get the feel of things soon without training. Follow your intuition – and it will work! Use your time for the important things in life, don’t waste it reading complicated instructions. Learning has never been so easy!

Reliable – like a Swiss watch

groow is your mate from Switzerland. No matter if you are in Zurich, Sydney or Los Angeles – groow is there for you always and anytime. Swiss professionals with the label swiss made software – for professionals worldwide. groow ticks like a Swiss precision clockwork, day and night, around the globe. And everyone knows – Swiss watches don’t tick faster, but more reliably.

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Protected and guarded

groow is at home in the cloud. No unnecessary technical knick-knack, but automatic data backups and updates. Server supports and viruses belong to the past. Your data is thoroughly protected and still always there for you when you need it.

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Automatic data backup

Does performing a data backup every day before your well-deserved evening at home annoy you sometimes? Or have you ever experienced property damage in your office? The server gave up its ghost and all data was lost? With groow, all this belongs to the past! You don’t need to take care of these things any more; groow will do it for you! You data is saved daily, fully automated, and you are finally able to sit back and relax.

Encrypted communication

groow saves your data with an AES-256-Bit codification as well as a double-stage check. Therewith you can be completely sure that your data is protected all around. What a good feeling!

Regular updates

groow is always up-to-date for you. How does that work? It’s easy: groow works 24 hours a day. If groow was updated or has a new function, groow will inform you about this in the morning while starting up. This way you don’t pay for annual updates, you need no support contracts and have no effort whatsoever in keeping your groow up-to-date. With groow you are always fit. Clever!

As many-sided as you

Just a click… and groow is there for you: In all your stores, everywhere in the world, wherever you are in action and need your business information. You have clients in Bangkok, Rome, Miami or in Zurich? Thanks to groow you are always close to them. You’ll have an overview over all your locations at all times, comfortably from within your home.

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groow speaks your language

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No? No problem! groow is multi-lingual. Leave the choice of language to each member of staff – and there will be no more misunderstandings. groow speaks just as you or your personnel wish it to. Everyone can choose their language by themselves and change it again anytime.

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groow on your tablet

groow – your touchable software. With the touch function you can use groow comfortably on your Windows tablet. No more cable spaghetti and unattractive servers. With groow, you can already tell your client during your counselling what prices he can expect – that will assure him a good and safe feeling. With the tablet you can even give him the freedom of establishing his personal data by himself. groow is simply brilliant and suits you and your mobile life.

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