Costs you just a haircut!

With only one customer, the cost of your is covered. You do not have to pay any investment costs, but only a monthly subscription fee. Of course, you only pay for the services you actually use. The price includes everything you need.

Start-Up Package
We are a Start-Up
Professional Package
I’d like to switch to groow
Starter Package
I want start with groow
DOBI special price 50% for 12 months
No minimum term
3 months for free
No minimum term
50% for 3 months
No minimum term
Module Cash Register
Module Calendar
Module Customers
Module Reports
Module Services
Module Products
Module Vouchers
Module Credits
Module Online-Appointments
Swiss Premium Support
Daily Data Backup
Unlimited Storage
7×24 Power from the Cloud
Amount of User 5 inclusive 5 inclusive 5 inclusive
Amount of Sites 1 inclusive 1 inclusive 1 inclusive
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Test now!
Test now!

Each additional user +19 .-/month, each additional site +199 .-/month. More than 10 users and  2 sites, special conditions apply.